For Sale By Owner Mastery

taught by Ross Quintana

Course description

Imagine if you could list as many homes as you wanted in your market? Have you tried talking to For Sale By Owners before and had little success? Our For Sale By Owner Mastery Course cuts through the hype of other marketing systems or complex scripts and can take anyone and get them setting appointments and getting new listings.

I was known as the FSBO king in my market for a reason. I would consistently list FSBO (For Sale By Owner) after FSBO in our market. I learned over the years what really works and how to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. I had great results and now I am teaching others what I quietly did to be one of the top listing agents in my company.

We are going to cover everything you need to know from:

  • Where to Find FSBOs
  • How Make the Appointments
  • Exactly What to Do and Say on the Appointment
  • How to Follow Up Until they List
  • How to Actually Make Money While You Prospect
  • A Whole New Way of Thinking About FSBO's and Real Estate

If you ever wondered what the top agents were actually doing that they wouldn't share with you, this is it. There is a big difference between theory and marketing books, and what the top producers are actually doing themselves to grow their business. I am going to share my secrets with you. Enroll Today and Let Me Teach You How to Master For Sale By Owners!

Who is the target audience?

  • Real Estate Agents - New, Experienced, struggling, or Successful
  • Agents Who Have Tried FSBO's Before and Failed
  • Agents Who Have Never Tried FSBO's
  • Agents Who Want Consistent Income and Listings
  • Buyer's Agents
Ross Quintana
Ross Quintana
Instructor Title

I had a real estate team for about 12 years. I was rookie of the year my first year and went on to win numerous top listing and top selling awards at my company. Our branding in my market was so effective that people would stop me at the mall or when eating dinner and ask if I was that Realtor from TV. I was the Top blogger on Activerain for my city and top 25 for my state teaching agents how to use technology and advanced marketing techniques. After those 12 years I went on to get a degree in Marketing as well as create a real estate coaching and support services company. I have worked for multiple digital marketing agencies and have been interviewed on shows reaching millions of impressions. I can help you learn and succeed at sales and marketing.