How To Overcome Objections - 13min

taught by Ross Quintana

Course description

Everything we do in life is sales, whether for business, selling ourselves, our ideas, or service. One of the biggest things keeping people back from success in selling anything is overcoming objections. 

Once you understand what objections are and how to think about them, it will change the way you handle objections and ultimately create massive success where you used to fail.

This course will help you:

  • Understand what objections really are
  • Have the proper mindset for handling objections
  • Convert Objections into sales

In just 13 minutes I will help you change the way you think about objections so you can master your industry and never be afraid of objections again! Buy the audio training below!

Ross Quintana
Ross Quintana

I have been studying success and personal development for 26 years. I have read countless books and run multiple businesses of my own as well as professionally managing companies for others. In my own journey to find success, I have distilled my knowledge and learning to help other people succeed and I am glad I am able to teach you what I have learned.

Course Curriculum

Full 13 Min Audio
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